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Downloading videos from YouTube is easier than you think. Whenever you watch a video on youtube, you definitely love someone’s Video which you want to save on a computer or mobile. Whatever your favorite video is, I will tell you how to download that video to your computer or laptop or mobile phone.

If we look at YouTube’s term of service, then it is clearly written that downloading videos from YouTube are against their term of service violation.

I will tell two simple methods where you can download the video with the software and also download it without software. First of all, we will talk about how the video is downloaded with the software.

Download Youtube Video with Software

One of the benefits of downloading videos with software is that you get a lot of options in the software. Many amazing features are available. The software I want to talk about is the “4K video downloader”.

Now you go to YouTube and search for the videos you like. When you find your favorite video then play it. Copy the link to that video in YouTube’s address bar. Shown in Image Below

Copy Link from Youtube Video
Copy Link from Youtube Video
4K Downloading
4K Downloading

In this way, you can download your favorite video from YouTube on your computer and laptop.

Download Youtube Videos without Software

The other way is to download videos without software. You also get two ways in this. First Way is By inserting the SS into the link that is in the address bar of the YouTube video. Another way to copy the YouTube video link and paste it on the Save from the website and download the video.

First Way

Second Way

Note: With this method, you can download videos on your android mobile too. It comes to you how to find a link to a video from a YouTube application in the mobile.

Find Video URL in Youtube Mobile Application

With these two simple and fast ways you can download YouTube videos in your mobile computer or laptop and you can share anywhere. But keep in mind that you do not upload any copyrighted videos on YouTube. If you want to upload someone’s copyrighted video to YouTube, then you must take permissions from the owner of that video.


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